Rom Com

Talonbooks, 2015
with Daniel Zomparelli

How to tell if you are compatible with this book: Are you equally versed in literature and pop culture? Are you a film-savvy fan of contemporary poetry? Are you an academic with interest in literature and cultural studies? Are you in general a cool, sad person? This book might just be the sassy best friend you’ve wanted.


Blind Items
Insomniac Press, 2014 

"Stars: they’re craven, needy, obsequious, drunk, distracted and guilt-stricken - just like us! Whether they’re making out with our boyfriends or leaving us standing alone at craft services, we can’t get enough of their antics. We want more. We need more.  

In Blind Items, Dina Del Bucchia reverse-engineers the public persona of celebrities to reveal the mouth like “hospital Jell-O, perfect in a place full of despair.” Does Chlöe Sevigny have a love/hate relationship with the umlaut? Is Leonard Cohen gentle and kind? Is overachievement as contagious as an STI?  Which star carries a torch for his dead dog? What’s it really like to make out with your own doppelganger?

These poems will pick you up on Page Six and leave you gasping at the side of the highway, filthy, sweaty, and breathless. - Nikki Reimer, author of Downverse and [sic]  

"In Blind Items, Dina Del Bucchia guides readers on a virtual celebrity tour, moving from a night spent Partying (emphasis on the P) with R. Kelly to a testy confessional with Julia Roberts (Hint: she's mean!) and winding up in bed with Michael Keaton in character as Batman. Del Bucchia deftly dodges revealing her sources and leaves the reader in the morning groping after whatever it is that poems should do in the wake of such humorous, intimate and intelligent company. Blind Items is a must read for understanding the impact of celebrity culture on how we relate to each of our others (or otters)." - Jason Christie, author of Unknown Actor, I-Robot and Canada Post

Coping with Emotions and Otters
Talonbooks, 2013

“Dina Del Bucchia aims her sassy wit at “jealousy,” “happiness,” “guilt” and other subjective experiences—if you’re unable to admit how these wily emotions truly manifest for you, Del Bucchia is more than willing. Her poems are like hot gossip from whip-smart grapevine that you simply can’t help but overhear.” – Amber Dawn, author of Sub Rosa and How Poetry Saved My Life 

“ Coping with Emotions and Otters is subversive, sly, and hilarious. In it, Dina Del Bucchia not only reveals the emotional landscapes of the beautiful-on-the-outside urbanites, but also treats us to wry and unexpectedly poignant step-by-step guides on how to properly achieve these feelings ourselves. Sharp and candid, Del Bucchia deftly holds a comic mirror to our own awkward lives in this exciting, accomplished debut.” – Marita Dachsel, author of All Things Said & Done

"Dina Del Bucchia’s debut is funny, perversely beautiful, and satirical without being judgmental. Here, all emotions are to be revelled in, from happiness ("soft lighting, WiFi connection, rat poison") to shame ("catch the glimpse of uncertainty / as you mispronounce countries"). Buy, read, and clutch to your chest this comforting poetic guide for painful times." – Jennica Harper, author of The Octopus and Other Poems and What It Feels Like For a Girl