Smell Like a Celebrity (Wannabe)

Blind Items, the perfume promo based on the book that is also called Blind Items, is here. It's black and white. There is a dog named Jasper in it. His person, Judy, is a star for many reasons. It also features my friend, the writer Kellee Ngan, and her well-hidden daughter Bea. It was directed by filmmaker and writer Shay Wilson and the music was created by the very great lady, Clare Kenny. And all of the sounds were put in place and made excellent by dear Jon Bitze. I thank all of them so hard.

This means that you can buy Blind Items wherever fine books are sold.  And hopefully you can also buy copies at some places that are dodgy. 

Also, Amazon has some pretty crazy ideas about what my book is. I mean, every poetry book is filled with some damn mystery, so I can see where this is going. There are levels of mystery. Still, I hope the description, "An entertaining read, fast and funny with lots of tender moments." is still somewhat true. Thanks NOW Magazine!