This blog here is a real wasteland. It's like I think I'm too good to update my own blog. I'm not. Really.

Summer has come and gone. Even fall is pretty much dunzo. Winter is here. And throughout all that time I have abandoned this here blog. So sad. I need to upload a Sad Lib so we can work out our feelings on this.

Things. There have been things and activities and events. First I had the wonderful experience of heading to the Whitehorse Poetry Festival. I read with fabulous poets. I was glad to share in their light, and the never-ending daylight of the north. Then the otters and I travelled to the motherland, Trail, BC, and the event I did at The Rex Hotel was fun and heartwarming and crazy. Friends and family in a beer-soaked room with a distinct pegged ceiling and a lot of deep fried party platters? Perfection.

Since last we blogged I've read at WORD, at Douglas College, at the North Vancouver CIty Library, and at Sara Bynoe's infinitely hilarious show, Say Wha?!. And I'll be reading a very unsexy sex scene tomorrow at Fifty Shades of Say Wha?! at Hot Art Wet City. Don't worry if you haven't read any of the Fifty Shades of Grey series, myself, Sara Bynoe, Connie Smudge and Shirley Gnome will read them to you. It'll be like a bedtime story you'll have strange dreams about.

New projects are happening, more on them all soon. Daniel Zomparelli and I are making stuff happen. We also read in UBC's Creative Writing Department and were interviewed on CiTR's Arts Report. Listen here if you're feeling it.

Blind Items, the book of celebrity poems, sexy celebrity poems, sad celebrity poems, freaky celebrity poems, will be out with Insomniac Press in spring 2014. Also, then it will be spring which is going to be great! Sun, daylight, sundresses. Good times.

Sister Love's Travelling Otter Show.

Sister Love's Travelling Otter Show.

If you read this, thanks. 

I guess the best part about this blog is that hardly anyone reads it. So I can say whatever I want.

Fart bomb!


Up north! Whitehorse had all the light and poets in June.

Up north! Whitehorse had all the light and poets in June.